Airlock is obsessive about helping people keep their data private, because, well we’re consumers too.

Airlock’s founders have been working together since 2013. Over that time, a lot has changed – we’ve seen the rise of a broad set of truly exceptional web-based businesses. These companies and the products they’ve developed are exciting and in certain instances life-changing. This innovation is something that we celebrate and love to explore.

But there’s one area that makes us deeply uncomfortable about all of this innovation: the way that our personal data is being gathered, bought and sold, often by companies that we didn’t even realize existed. These companies’ PR teams preach about the great lengths they go to protect our data, and that the data is anonymized anyway, so we really don’t have anything to worry about.

Respectfully, we disagree. We believe that consumers should be in control of the way that their data is collected and used. Where privacy policies aren’t shrouded in vague legalese. Where the way our data is being used is transparent, and consumers have viable options to ‘opt out’ of our data being collected. We think that GDPR is a great first step and cheer those who are pushing for similar reforms in the United States.

Airlock is our contribution in the fight for consumer privacy.


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