Frequently Asked Questions

How does Airlock work?
Airlock is designed to help you retake control of your digital privacy. To start, you fill out a short quiz that helps us understand what is most important to you when it comes to privacy, and the apps that you use.

Based on these results, we generated a customized list of Action Items, which are bite-sized recommendations for things that you can do right now to start improving your digital privacy.

How does Airlock make money?
Good question. We have a lot of ideas about monetization, but right now, we’re focused on making a product that provides as much value for our users as possible. The one thing we can definitely say is that we’ll never sell the information that you give us access to.

Why should I trust Airlock?
Another great question! As part of developing Airlock, we read a lot of privacy policies, and were frustrated by how vague they often are. We are working hard to set the standard for a clearly worded, specific privacy policy that is specific about two things: all of the data that we collect, and how it is used and shared.

TL;DR – we don’t collect any information that is not directly related to providing Airlock’s service, and we don’t share the information with anyone.

Are you compensated by the companies whose services you recommend?

Not today: we recommend those services because they are, in our estimation, the best services available on the market.

In the future, we may receive a small payment when one of our users downloads or signs up for a service that we recommend, but we will clearly disclose when that’s the case. We also pledge today to never let these referrals impact the services that we recommend.